Cosmopolitan Turn and Democratic Sentiments

The case of child protection service

About the project

The proposed project, CONSENT, EEA-RO-NO-2018-0586, will examine empirically to what extent the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is considered to be relevant in democratic assemblies and legal regulations, if it corresponds to the nature of trust people have in child protection services, and if it can be traced through professional practices.

CONSENT is pioneering in its empirical and critical ambition to tease out and explain the decisive factors and mechanisms that impede or promote cosmopolitan citizenship among children. The project will employ a complex research methodology, in accordance with the multifaceted nature of the topic under study: it will have a mixed method and mixed data design that combines advanced quantitative survey analyses, with interview-data, vignette studies and document data. Thus, this project will generate new knowledge about how successful child protection is sought across two presumably vastly different nation-states that are supposed to govern through equal basic principles.

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about the project